Back in Action! 

We're back in action here at the Cloister Shoppe! It's been a few weeks now since we renovated our storage/ shipping department and now everything is running smoothly. We were able to completely reorganize and set up where and how our stock is managed and we think it's a step in the right direction. With all the re-organizing going on in the house, it's been a blessing to come down to work in a clean space. It does wonders for the soul! 

The place before was dark and the floor was cracking in peeling up making sweeping a nightmare. But through the generosity of you supporting our life we were able make this place beautiful and functional again!  Now it's light and airy, and ORGANIZED! This work space has gone through many changes over the years and this is just another reminder to us that our community, is growing and changing through the Grace of God.    

Many thanks and God Bless,

The Cloister Shoppe 

Check out the space  below :D